The Warrior Queen is coming!

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1st Post on new blog – what to say?

I am Queen Boudica and hopefully you and I will come to know each other well. :)

Boudica as a 1st Century Warrior Queen was both feared, admired and respected.  She fought for her family and her rights and took on a power far superior to her own.  Something many mothers today will sympathise with, we all have a little of the she-wolf in us at times.

Admittedly Boudica lost her battle but her name reverberates through history as an example for everyone, that you should fight for what you believe in and that sometimes you have to take a stand.

I’m hoping this blog will be many things to many people.  I will share a little about my world (which for such a private person, can be a very big thing).  I will share anything that’s bugging me, have a rant or two (probably per day) and maybe along the way we can find some causes to fight for and make people look up and take notice of what goes on around them for a change.  How does that sound?

Do say hi if you happen to stumble across me here.  After all, every Queen needs subjects to reign over!


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