A momentous occasion

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I didn’t intend to write today, but something happened today in our lives that was so huge and momentous I just had to share.

To the rest of the world it may appear to be a little thing, an every day occurance that wouldn’t receive a second thought. But to anyone who’s child has Autism or any other special need, they will appreciate quite how huge this was.

:) For the first time ever today, we all sat down and ate the same meal. :)

So, now you’re sat there thinking WTF? What’s so special about that?

So now I’ll tell you – MM has autism and a common trait seen with autistic children is being extremely fussy with food.  For the most part, he will only eat familiar foods and they all have a strange colour bias of being cream or yellow (Chicken nuggets, noodles and sweetcorn for example).  He will never try something new and if there is something alien on his plate, he will throw a tantrum and demand a new plate, even if you remove the offending item.

But today, we were having pizza and he declared that he liked pizza (although I’m not actually convinced he’d ever had it before).  So we made a big show of giving him a slice of pizza.  Fully expecting it to be rejected in the normal fashion.

I’m so used to having to prepare two or sometimes even three separate meals for the four of us, I was utterly stunned when not only did he pick up the slice of pizza, he actually ate it.  All.

To us, it was an amazing moment but when you text your friends to tell them your 4 year old ate some pizza, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal for some reason <shrug>.

So I’m telling you:  My son ate a slice of pepper-nami pizza ;) and it was bloody fantastic to watch.

We’re trying sausages tomorrow……

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  1. This would be a huge thing even for our family to accomplish. Firstly our home is overcrowded so we don’t have any space for table and chairs! And our oldest boy is a very fussy eater and he often eats different from us!

    Well done! If you get a chance please have a peek at my blog: http://stayathomedaddyfor2.wordpress.com

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