Splash Anyone?

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The monsoon’s have come to the Iceni homelands.  The lawn and driveway are flooded, the cats won’t go out, the dog is covered in mud and the chickens are sulking.  But the kids – they think it’s great.

MM wanted to go out and splash in puddles yesterday, H was determined not to let him, on the basis that MM can’t be left outside on his own for fear of what trouble he might cause get in to (and H didn’t want to stand outside like a slightly soggy gooseberry in the pouring rain.)

Adults can be so boring sometimes.  We’re too busy worrying about everything; from paying the mortgage, to what to give the kids for tea, that we sometimes forget that we can have fun too. (And not just with a bottle of wine once the kids are asleep!)

When was the last time you really let your hair down and did something just for the sake of it, without worrying about the consequences?  When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?  Or did something on the spur of the moment without waiting to get things organised? (or in our case, fully dressed!)

I did yesterday – running and jumping in puddles with my slightly bemused son!  Admittedly he did most of the splashing but somehow we both got thoroughly soaked despite the wellies.  I’m sure the health and safety brigade would have been horrified, we weren’t wearing coats and the water was muddy and ankle deep!

But by golly, we had fun :)

I’m sure the neighbours thought we were completely insane, kicking water everywhere and jumping about, it was great.  It was great to spend 10 minutes being a little crazy without worrying about what people thought or how much washing we were creating, but the best bit of all?

A happy child.  And quite frankly, that’s a worth a lot.  No arguments about why he can’t do something, no screaming and no tears.  Just lots and lots of laughter.

Now go out and do something crazy with your kids.  You’ll all feel better for it


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  1. Found your blog through Britmums and I love your writing style and attitude. Look forward to reading more

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks, I appreciate your comment. I’ve spent half the evening reading some other Britmums blogs, there’s so many!

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