An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Dave

Can I call you Dave? David or ‘Mr Cameron’ seem a bit formal and on the other end of the scale, I have friends who would just call you ‘Nobber’, but as I’d like to ask your advice, how about we keep things informal and pleasant?

Anyway, we have local council elections in our area later this week. But I just don’t know which way to vote.

Which may seem an innocent enough comment in itself, but coming from someone who aged 6, was helping her parents put Conservative Party leaflets through doors to help put Margaret Thatcher in Number 10 in 1979, it’s a huge statement. My parents voted Conservative, my grandparents voted Conservative and to date, I have voted Conservative.  It’s what we are. But today, I’m not so sure. It doesn’t sit quite as comfortably as it used to.

So, Dave, what should I do? Should I do what I’ve always done, what I was brought up to do? Or should I look at the alternatives? Can I trust you Dave? Really? Hand on heart Dave, can I really trust you?

This may be only be a little council election and in the grand scheme of things, maybe it doesn’t matter very much. But if I don’t feel I can trust you now, how do I know I can trust you in 2015 when it really will matter?

My husband was considering voting UKIP, he and his family have also always been Conservative voters. However I explained that I felt UKIP were only one step short of the BNP and he decided against it. You see, we use a local hand car wash that is run by Eastern European’s, our local chip shop is also run by Eastern Europeans. I like them, they work hard and never complain, are always polite and cheerful and I would be doing them a dis-service if we voted UKIP.

So who else is there? Labour? Oh yes, the giveaway party. I haven’t forgotten whose blatantly outrageous public spending caused this deficit, even if the rest of the country has.

So we look to the Lib Dems. Who so far have only distinguished themselves as being not entirely…well nothing really. No distinguishing features at all.  Those who cling on to power on the shirt tails of someone else, who freely admit they would choose the shirt of another if it meant clinging on a little longer.  Something like a puppet who’s not bothered whose hand is shoved up the back.

And finally we have the Green Party. To my mind they seem a bit odd.  But at least they’re different, which looking at everyone else, might be seen as a bit of a positive.

There is always the option of not voting of course, but my Grandmother would be turning in her grave at the very thought of it. She always told us girls that women died to get us the vote and we shouldn’t waste their sacrifice.

So there we are, right back looking at the Conservatives. We all thought you were going to do great things when you got to Number 10, but the danger of putting someone on a pedestal is that you can see right up their nose. Sometimes, the view just isn’t all that pleasant.

I thought you were going to make things better, but all I see is people worse off, much more worse off.  I’m told my son can’t get the SEN support he needs in school because there’s “no budget” for it, yet when we came to London for the weekend, we saw stone pavements and marble walls lining the Thames outside County Hall.

I see Council Management paid hundreds of thousands, yet there’s no budget for lollipop ladies. Disabled people being told they are fit for work, despite unemployment already being high and there being not many vacancies about. I’m not quite sure who they’re supposed to be working for exactly.

The mythical private sector that is doing so well? I know a bit about that, I’m closing my company tomorrow.

I see families virtually being penalised if Mum stays at home to bring up their children, schools are being told what to do by people who know nothing about education, our health service is being sold off to be run at a profit, businesses avoid paying taxes yet are still allowed to operate in our country. And that’s just a few things I see, there are many, many things that are just plain wrong at the moment Dave, but you don’t seem to have noticed.

We’re all in it together you said? I fear not Dave. I fear that you, and all politicians like you, just haven’t got a clue. You have absolutely no idea what goes on in the real world, where real people and real families live. You’ve lost touch with the people and I’m not entirely sure that you know how to get that back.

So I ask you again Dave, can I trust you?

The blue, red and yellow seem to have all blended together and half the time we can’t tell the difference between you now. Much like playdoh, it doesn’t matter what the colours were to start with, once you mix them all up, it always goes brown in the end.

Perhaps a new political party is called for? Something totally different, more in touch, more real? Maybe the time for change has really come and that change must be huge? Maybe I should spend the next 2 years forming a new political party, to make things better for the people? To make things fairer? For all the people in this country?

But that still doesn’t answer my original question. Who should I vote for on Thursday?


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