Down but not out

This update is brought to you by the power of the NHS.

It’s been another hectic week in the Boudica household. There’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. The week started with me having a stomach ache and has gone downhill from that point really.  Last night, I should have been seeing the fabulous ‘Show of Hands’ perform at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. But a routine doctors appointment where I mentioned that I’d had stomach ache all week, ended up with me being admitted to the QE2 hospital in Kings Lynn. I’m told I probably have an infected gallbladder and may require an operation. But so far I’ve been poked and prodded repeatedly by several doctors, had all sorts of bodily fluids tested and spent quite some time in radiology.

To say that I am absolutely gutted to have missed it is the understatement of the century. The first thing I did on admittance to the hospital was to burst into tears. It’s not the first time we’ve had tickets to see Show of Hands and missed them. We were supposed to be seeing them in Colchester in the summer and couldn’t go then as the kids were ill.  You don’t exactly get people queuing up to babysit for you when you have children with Autism normally, so leaving them while they were poorly was never going to happen.

So instead of a great night out with a friend, I got to sit in a hospital bed awaiting pain relief. I’m told that the gig was amazing, as SoH always are.  At least my friend didn’t have to miss out as well, she even got me an autograph to make me feel better <girly swoon>  ;)  (At my age too!)  Even if she did fail dismally in her allotted task of kidnapping Steve Knightley and delivering him to my bedside!  Good friends are hard to come by, love you K. Glad you had a good time and thanks x

Mr Boudica is away with work, the baby Boudica’s are at home giving Nanny the runaround and I’m still sat on a hospital bed. I must be off the imminent surgery list as this was produced at lunchtime:


Up until then the service had been exemplary. So I’m sorry to say, but QE2 kitchen – WTF is this?

It goes by the name of “lasagne”.  What else can I say?!

All joking aside, I have been looked after by the finest of the NHS and have seen some of things the nursing staff in particular have to cope with. I like to think of myself as an easy customer compared with some of my fellow inmates. Not screaming all night and not punching the nursing staff seems to be much appreciated.  You couldn’t pay me enough to do their job. So if you know one, go hug a nurse. They are the wheels and the oil in the NHS machine and I fear they are ever so slightly unappreciated.

I’ll keep you updated with where we are soon, I’m due some more pain relief soon and then I won’t be capable of holding a decent conversation, let alone typing anything vaguely understandable!

Thankfully they do seem to have an extraordinary number of male doctors and nurses here that are keeping us ladies entertained!

Still sad to have missed Steve, Phil and Miranda once again. But have just booked tickets for Cambridge in November. :)

You can’t keep a girl down for long!


UPDATE : I can go home! <does a little dance> My gallbladder is unlikely to burst horribly in the near future and as long as I report back to the GP in the morning, I can go home and cuddle my babies. :)  No scalpels and I’m being given lots of drugs to take home with me. Result!


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