I would like to say I’m surprised…..

But sadly, I’m not.

While waiting for the kids to stop arguing before getting them dressed this morning, I was perusing the news headlines on the BBC News website. And I came across this article.

I suspect my reaction was the same as everyone else who has read it and made it the most popular news item this morning.  Mr Boudica jumped out of skin when I yelled “WTF?” very loudly.

Basically, for those who don’t have time to read the news in the morning: Facebook has decided that it’s going to remove it’s temporary ban on people posting decapitation video’s on its site.

Yes, so from now on folks, you can share video’s of people being beheaded with your friends. Won’t that be nice? Erm……no.  But you still can’t post pictures of a baby being breast fed though, as that’s indecent and obscene!

It brings many questions to mind, chief amongst them is: “WTF do the folks at Facebook think they’re playing at?”

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a cheap publicity stunt by Facebook to get themselves in the news.

How is it, that when you go to the farm and see a cow suckling a calf, or a sow feeding piglets, then we all go “Ahhh” and watch all misty eyed, but a mother feeding her baby?  Ew. That’s just obscene right? And a video of someone having their head cut off? Somehow, that’s not obscene?

Get with the program people’s. Humans are mammals. Mammals have mammaries to feed their young. That is what we call – natural. Even if it doesn’t usually appear in a David Attenborough documentary.  Human’s cutting other human’s heads off is not normal and I for one, don’t want to be seeing it at the top of my news feed.

That is not to say, I haven’t ever seen a decapitation video. I have. I’m curious about things I don’t understand and watched one a very long time ago. It is not something I would like to repeat. Apparently a bread knife should not be the weapon of choice when decapitating someone. Who knew?

It’s an image that stuck with me for a long time. In that dark place in your mind that festers and causes nightmares.  Until this morning, I thought it was long buried. But it’s now going to take quite a few pictures of babies breastfeeding to sticky plaster over that wound again. I consider myself to be quite well balanced (yes, really!) but I was affected by such a video and I wouldn’t like to imagine the effect on someone not quite so adult, or sheer hard nosed.

One quote from the article says “Facebook has taken leave of it’s senses”. Yep. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

People will share them just because they can, just to get a reaction, because they think it’s funny.  But to risk scarring people mentally is not in the least bit funny.

So what does it say about society as a whole? If Facebook is a representation? That brutality and murder used to shock and entertain is ok,  but a baby being fed naturally by it’s mother is obscene? Have we really become so distanced from everything that is good, and natural and so numb to horror so that becomes the new norm?

Which is why I’m inclined to wonder if this really is a cheap publicity stunt by Facebook. Either that, or someone at Facebook secretly likes decapitation video’s? Come on Facebook peoples, fess up, what’s going on?

Yes, at the moment I can monitor my children’s internet usage. But they are 6 and 3 and that’s not too hard at present.  I had to change my security settings when I caught my 3 year old watching “Real life shark attacks” on my iPad. He’d started off watching a documentary on whales. But what if he opens the Facebook App while I’ve nipped to the loo and finds something rather nastier?

Anyone over the age of 13 can have a Facebook account, yet I know several children far younger who have accounts. Do we really want children watching that? What kind of adults will they grow up to be?

And more importantly, what the hell is the world coming to?

Really Facebook, you should be ashamed. Mark Zuckerberg, what would your mother say?


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