Fortune favours the bloody minded

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Today has been a bit surreal in the least.  But before I tell you what happened, we’ll have to give a little background info.

Stop that. I saw those eyes glaze over. Step away from the mouse, do not click away.  Trust me, this story will make you feel all warm and fluffy inside.  (Yes, really! I can be fluffy!)

Before we moved house, back in May, I wrote about one of our cats getting run over and how fantastically well the boys had coped with that. Anyway, after that came the big house move and the keeping in of the moo’s.  (I’m not 100% sure why the cats earned the nickname of “Moo’s” but that’s how it is)

Anyway, the Moo’s did not take their enforced incarceration well at all.  They spent nearly 3 weeks shut in the house before we let them out and they were very joyful and happy to be released.  They settled well, they like their house and especially the garden and all was good in the world.

Until one of them went missing.  Sadly, it happened to be another of Baby Boudica The Elder’s favourite cats.  A beautiful boy who was affectionately known as “Mr P”.  We searched, we called, we visited the neighbours and we checked the roads but we found nothing.   A while later we found Mr P’s brother, “Mr B” out on the main road after a nasty car -v- cat incident.   Mr B is buried in our garden under the horse chestnut.  The boys were devastated, how unlucky can one feline family get?

Fast forward to two weeks ago and again, one of the cats went missing.  “Noodle Man” (I have absolutely no idea why Mr Boudica chose this as a name.  It has to be said that he can be a bit odd sometimes.  Mr Boudica, not the cat obviously)

Noodle Man was well known for enjoying playing chicken with cars and it always was only going to be a matter of time before he ran out of lives.  We didn’t find his body but their was a faint whiff of death on the air, so it didn’t seem too far a stretch to figure out what happened there.  Cat Number 4 gone in just 5 short months.

That brings us to this weekend.  Mr B and Mr P have a brother, “Missy” (just don’t ask).  Missy has had a heart condition since he was a kitten and we were told he wouldn’t make a great age.  He outlived both his brothers (they were litter mates) so hadn’t done too badly.  He wasn’t the sort of cat to go missing, he liked home comforts like warm cosy cushions and feet to lick and nibble on, if they poked out from under the duvet.  He never went far, so I was stunned when he didn’t come home on Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday or Wednesday.

Now I’m not one for wallowing in self pity, both Baby Boudica’s were struggling with the idea that we had lost yet another cat.  We tried not telling them but that didn’t work, they knew something was wrong.  They might have Autism but they’re not without empathy.

Once again, I did the searching, the calling, the visiting of neighbours and the checking of the roads and once again I found nothing.  It’s about this point I go from feeling sick, to feeling angry and then ever so slightly suspicious.  I would NOT be having to tell the kids yet again, that one of their cats was gone.  They’d had enough sadness recently and it stops now.  So I printed loads of notes and put them through doors asking people to check their sheds etc.  It was pouring with rain and the notes were getting soggy.  Sometimes, you have to try, even if you think the cause is hopeless.

So we come to today. Nothing much unusual about today, apart from the number of parcels arriving.  It’s Baby Boudica The Younger’s birthday at the weekend and in my infinite wisdom I decided to invite 7 3 & 4 year olds round to a party the week after we had builders in.  Yes, I am clearly insane.  I blame the dust, it must have addled my brain.  So I’m a bit distracted when the man who lived opposite comes over and tells me he’s just let our cat out of his garage!

So once again, I find myself outside calling a daft cat’s name at the top of my voice.  Missy might be out of the garage but he didn’t seem in any particular rush to come home.  Suddenly there was almost hysterical meowing behind me, I turned round to find Noodle Man sat by the front door demanding food!

I hadn’t seen him for over a fortnight and there he was demanding food with menaces.  Missy came home later on this evening.  Everyone is overjoyed and there were tears all round.  Mr Boudica even went out especially to buy their favourite cat food. (Funny how they prefer the expensive stuff!)

The boys are happy, it remains to be seen if Baby Boudica The Elder’s behaviour at school improves now, he’s been a nightmare at school this week and I had a feeling it had something to do with the cats.  Believe me, a child with Autism who is mulling something unpleasant over in their mind, is not an easy beast to tame.  They can’t or won’t tell you what is going on, so it’s like living with a lighted firework and never knowing when it’s going to blow up in your face.

So there we are.  Even when the situation seems hopeless, never give up.  Fortune favours the bloody minded. And cats with silly names:

IMG_2585Noodle Man

Missy  (Aramis) one of three litter mates,                Noodle Man (aka Lancelot). Likes adopting
The Three Mus-cat-eers.  Like’s licking feet!           grannies and cadging free meals.



Merlin (isn’t taking any chances, he’s                                Morgan (aka: “Morgy-Moo”) Cheeky girl who
planning on staying in the house and being                    demands attention with menaces.
the first cat ever to die of old age.)                                     Likes to mother everyone
The Boss

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