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Busy day as Mr Boudica is away so I’m flying solo, but I wanted to update you all and to welcome all our new readers.  I know you’re out there, you might not comment but I see the stats! So hello and welcome.

We went into school late this morning, partly as I wanted to get there after all the other parents had left and partly as it was grey and drizzly and I wasn’t in any particular hurry to get out of bed!  Then I realised we had absolutely nothing to give Baby Boudica in his packed lunch and had to make an emergency trip to the supermarket!

Anyway, school staff did seem a little nervous to see me! But there’s no point making a scene until you know what you’re dealing with and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Apparently the entire class earned themselves a right rollicking over Friday’s antics and I’m pretty sure Baby Boudica’s teacher could be pretty scary if she wants to be!  The Head has arranged for Mrs G to change the time of her lunch break so that she can be on playground duty to keep a better eye on things.  I got the impression this was partly due to wanting to put a stop to any potential bullying and partly to make sure Baby Boudica doesn’t try to kill anyone that annoys him.

Either way, I’m not fussed.  Whatever works.  I didn’t have to get angry, or demand they acted on things.  It was already sorted when I got there.  (Yes, I was a bit stunned too!)  Whether it has any effect, we shall have to wait and see.  But I definitely got the feeling from the Head and his staff, that they were not going to be tolerating any bullying on their watch.  I think it’s genuine and not just paying lip service to a worried parent.  I’m pretty good at telling whether I’m being flanneled and it definitely wasn’t that.

I know a lot of bullying goes underground and un-noticed, but if Mrs G is going to be keeping an eye out (and I’m pretty sure nothing gets past her) then hopefully it will be enough.  We always take him to and from school so we have no troubles there either.

Baby Boudica is not of the age where he has unrestricted internet access, so for the time being I don’t have to worry about cyber bullying.  Sadly with the world the way it is, I know that’s only a matter of time.

But the key to preventing bullying, really has to be with education and awareness, not just with keeping a watchful eye out for it.  Why is there no Autism education program in schools?  Isn’t it about time that Disability Awareness is part of the school curriculum?  They put effort into teaching about different religions so why not that?


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  1. I have always said that teachers should work in a special needs school as part of their training . I like your idea as well we are so far behind the times . Great post

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