Who are you?

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Slow You Down! Norfolk Style


My name is Boudica.  Queen Boudica :)

The Baby Boudica’s call me Mum or Mummy when they want something, Mr Boudica calls me Boss and my friends can call me anytime they like.

I live in the Iceni Kingdom, which pretty much translates as East Anglia.  In May we moved from the beautiful Suffolk countryside, to the bleak flatness of the fens, on the Cambs/Norfolk borders.  You know we have 2 boys, both of whom have Autism and I love music.

You know I sell children’s books to anyone even vaguely interested and that I love T2 VW campers.  Depending on how much you’ve read, you will also know that I am 40, I weigh an awful lot more than the BMI chart says I should, I drive a Land Rover, I love the countryside and camping and that I can be a gobby cow with a dangerous opinion of my own.  Oh, and I probably have delusions of grandeur and wouldn’t mind running the country, or maybe the whole planet if I have time.

So, there we are.  That’s pretty much me.  So what about you?

I know you’re here, I can see the statistics.  I can see what country you are in, how you came to be here, what pages you looked at, how long you stayed and a lot more besides.  And from the statistics I can see, that there’s actually quite a few of you.  From lots of different countries too (special hello to those in South Korea – what on earth brought you here?).  Sometimes you stay a few seconds and sometimes you stay a while and have a good look around.  Which is nice, it’s actually quite flattering.  And a Queen does like to be flattered ;)

But hardly anyone makes a comment.  So what I want to know is –

who are you?

What brought you here?  Is it your first visit?  Hopefully not your last!

Feel free to say hello, tell me something about yourself.  A complete random fact if you like. The internet is a bit of a nameless, faceless entity, lets slow things down a little and say hello properly.

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