Best laid plans and all that

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Oh Look.  It’s February. How on earth did that happen?

Somewhere along the line, I seem to have let January slip by almost un-noticed. One twelfth of the year gone already and I don’t seem to have done very much with it.  Worry you not, I’ve got a tight grip on February and it’s not going to go the same way.

So what have we been up to?  Mostly emptying sick buckets, changing bedding and administering various potions and lotions, but the less said about that, the better really.  How is it that the minute the kids are back at school, they’re back home with germs? I seem to spend more time on the phone to the school receptionist telling her why the Baby Boudica’s will not be in school, than I do in the car actually driving them to school. (For the record, I’m not walking a 10 mile round trip to 2 schools)

Admittedly, if I did walk it, I may have had more success with my diet.  Said diet which was announced 4 months ago now.  So how have we done? Erm…..not so good.

I have lost weight though, just not so much as I would have liked.  Currently I am just over a stone lighter than I was. So at the current rate it’s going to take quite a while to lose the 7 stone I wanted to lose. One down, six to go.

Who remembers the big birthday post then?  Here it is in all it’s glory.

The saving up for the camper van is not going so well either.  Currently, there is a grand total of £200 in the VW Fund. This is not for lack of trying. Firstly, Christmas was paid for. I don’t mean by way of the flexible friend, I mean – paid for. With cash.  Then on New Years Eve the dishwasher broke and needed replacement.  So that was paid for. With cash.

It seems no matter how hard I try to save money, some random appliance will break down or there will be an expensive celebration to pay for.  £200 is not going to get us a lot of camper van this summer.  Especially considering it’s Baby Boudica the Eldest’s birthday next week.  So are we feeling despondent? Annoyed? Broke? One out of the three anyway!

No, no, no. We just have to be a bit more flexible in our plans:

Have tent – will travel!

We have a tent, here it is pitched in our garden last summer. The only place we got to camp last year :(

Garden camping

So, while pitching a tent is slightly more of a faff than pulling up in a camper van, and way less cool, it does have the added advantage of being significantly cheaper.

This week I have mostly been booking up campsites. When I say, the length and breadth of the country, that is exactly what I mean.  We have sites booked from Cornwall to the Highlands.  We will be meeting up with and sharing our experience with friends and family and it’s going to be fab.  Current bookings account for just under half of the 6 week holiday!

The Boudica’s are going on a road trip.  It may not be cool (although bell tent’s are pretty cool) and it may not be in a VW (unless anyone feels particularly generous?), and it will involve the use of a trailer, but the important thing is – we’re going.  And when we come home, I have a shiny new fridge and dishwasher to play with!

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