Don’t ask questions…

that you’re not prepared to hear the answers to

Second day of the school holidays and I haven’t throttled them both yet.  My parenting skills must be astounding.  ;-)

Today, while Mr Boudica did a load of work on his day off (yep, Mr Boudica and the dog house are once again, well acquainted) the boys and I decided to watch Avengers Assemble.  Admittedly it was my idea, I couldn’t bear the thought of watching either Spider Man or Hulk yet again.  None of which are probably suitable for them, but then why do they make toys related to these films if kids aren’t supposed to be watching them?

I like Avengers Assemble.  How much totty can you get in one film exactly? All in tight lycra and knee high boots?  This is supposed to be for kids?  Hmmmmmm

Anyway, Mr Boudica then asked the fateful question – Which Avenger would I like to spend the night with?

Tricky one?  Nope.  This warrior queen knows exactly what she likes – Thor, Hawkeye and Loki, all together – obviously.

Apparently that was the wrong answer as Mr Boudica then spent about 20 minutes with his mouth gaping like a fish.  It turns out I was supposed to choose ‘one’.

What?  At a time?

How’s a power mad Queen supposed to choose between the god with the golden hair, muscles and a huge hammer,  the guy with the simply stunning skills with a bow and the cheeky, naughty but nice bad guy? Not possible I’m afraid.

So now Mr Boudica knows what I want for Mother’s Day, he’s got the hump.  Not quite so easy to arrange as a box of Ferrero Rocher in a Tesco carrier bag.

Maybe I could just borrow the three of them for the day?  Maybe they could entertain the kids for a while so I could have my hair done?  Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner & Tom Hiddleston in full Avengers outfits, possibly the coolest babysitter’s on the planet?  Then I could take them to the pub for a few drinks.

Well what did you think I was going to do with them? ;)

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