So how do you change the world then?

Any idea’s?

This post has been building for a while, rattling round my brain in between the spaces allotted to sorting out school uniform and doctor’s appointments.  I’m not even sure how to start it, so if I waffle a while, please bear with me, it’s important.  There won’t be any pretty pictures in this post either, mostly as I can’t think of anything suitable! It’s not really going to be a pretty picture kind of post.

So, who like me is fed up? Not with life, or a certain situation, but with the way you see your country? And politics, and policies and everything else in between?

I love this country, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to escape but it keeps drawing me back and keeps me here.  I was born here, my family fought in wars to protect this country and it’s ideals.  Yet somehow I wonder that if they could see how things turned out, whether they would wonder why they bothered?

Do we really live in a country where your access to healthcare will be decided as to how productive and beneficial to society you are?  Do we really live in a country where people work hard and still can’t afford to feed their children?  Where the poor are demonised to the extent that you daren’t admit to losing your job in case you’re branded with the “dole bludger” status?  Where the lives of the poor are now prime time viewing for entertainment?  Where teachers and nurses have pay freezes yet MP’s get 11%?  Where flooding is only a problem when it starts to affect £1million riverside homes in Surrey?  A country that takes away benefits from disabled people yet allows large corporations to avoid paying fair taxes?  A country that demonises migrants, yet chooses to forget who harvests our crops and staffs our hospitals?  A country where corruption in politics is still rife and we turn a blind eye?  A country where every single parent of a child with additional needs has to fight, tooth and nail to get the support their child needs.  The same fight, over and over again.  A country where bullying of people with Autism is tolerated and ignored?  A country that’s had the heart ripped out of rural communities and where green fields are being paved over yet derelict buildings sit on virtually every corner?  A country that forgets it’s history and blames all it’s ills on migrants?

I’m sick of it all.  I try not to read the news anymore as I know it will annoy me.  These politicians, these people we elected, what do they actually know about real life?  About what really goes on in homes up and down the country? From their behaviour, I’ll tell you – absolutely nothing.

But apparently that’s not a requirement for you to run the country. Time and time again they tell us we’re all in it together.  They’ve even started telling us that it’s all getting better now.  Really?  Is it?  How are things for you?  Noticed your weekly shop dropping in price have you?

Or there’s the magic phrase “in real terms”.  I can’t be the only one whose toes curl whenever I hear it.  If something needs to be spelt out “in real times” I suspect it actually means “we’re lying” and “it’s utter bollocks”.  Do we trust our elected MP’s anymore? I for one, don’t.

At the last elections, I wrote a post  “An Open Letter to David Cameron”  in it, I used the phrase:

“The blue, red and yellow seem to have all blended together and half the time we can’t tell the difference between you now. Much like playdoh, it doesn’t matter what the colours were to start with, once you mix them all up, it always goes brown in the end.”

Well there’s even more brown about now, and half the time, it’s smelly too.

If there was a general election tomorrow, would you know who to vote for?  Would you even want to vote anymore?

So what do we do?  Sit around moaning with friends? Do something about it?  And if so, what?  Can one person make a difference?  What if that one person were to inspire lots of other people to make a difference?  I just don’t know.

My friends tell me I should be an MP.  But one MP on their own is a very small fish in a very big pond, and I’m not that over keen on sharks.  Besides, I’m pretty sure people don’t actually like me very much, something about being gobby and opinionated.  But what if lots of people got together to create a new party?  A party with a vision – a party that will listen to those that know, a party for the people, all the people, not just the select few.

Here are a few of my visions:

  • There will be no career politicians.  You will be allowed 15 years max as an MP and for the duration of that term, it must be your sole occupation.  No second jobs.
  • Expenses will be limited and second homes may not be rented or acquired from friends, family or other politicians.
  • Teachers will be put back in control of education. You will be required to be a qualified teacher in order to be able to teach children.
  • Corporations will pay all taxes due or will not be allowed to trade in the UK.
  • Access to health care, medicines, support in schools etc will be standardised across the country.  There will be no postcode lottery or different rules for different councils.
  • Road tax will be payable based on the amount you actually use the road.
  • All benefits will be means tested, including the winter fuel payment.
  • The Minimum wage will be replaced entirely by The Living Wage.
  • Automatic paid bereavement leave for parents after a child dies.
  • Child Benefit will only be paid to families with a joint income of less than £75k.
  • Help with childcare costs will only be available to families with a joint income of less than £75k.
  • The “bedroom tax” will be abolished for current social housing tenants.
  • The “Upper House” will be an elected body.
  • Stamp duty thresholds will be changed to reflect current property values and will be payable in bands in the same way as income tax.
  • 50p tax rate to be reintroduced.

That’s just for starters.  I have plenty more, but for now I’m tired and I have a 4 year old “helping”.

But what do I know?  The people currently in charge have more education than me, they went to far more expensive schools and universities than me, they have made a career of running the country (or attempting to), what do I know?  I’m just a Mum with attitude right?  An angry Mum at that.

I’m worried what kind of future we hold in trust for our children and grandchildren.  I don’t claim to hold all the answers but at least I’d be willing to listen to those that might.  Maybe if we want change, and I mean really want change, we have to be willing to stand up and make it happen?

Sound like an idea from Linda Green’s fabulous book ‘The Mummyfesto’? It should.  I have a feeling I would like her, she’s passionate and has great idea’s. But why should it just be fiction? Why can’t we change things?  Why can’t we make it happen? All we need is enough people to agree and to want to make it happen.

The problem is, I don’t know where to start.  Can someone with 47 twitter followers start a revolution? I have my doubts somehow.

So who want’s to join together and make a new kind of political party?  What shall we call it?  Does anyone fancy job-sharing the PM’s role as I’m kind of busy negotiating 1-2-1 support in school (again).

Can we not remember what really made Britain great? – Her people. Maybe it’s time we all stood up together and made a difference?  All we need is a little help.  Who’s willing to help?



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  1. Brilliant post! I have ranted on similar lines a bunch of times! I write the politics round-up for BritMums- next time you have a rant, tweet me the link and I will include it! :)

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks Sonya, will do. And thanks for the first positive comment I’ve had! It makes a change from the abusive emails I’ve been getting instead! I don’t see why we can’t change politics and the country for the better, we just have to all stand together and do it. :)

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  3. Great post. I agree the world needs changing, but I think you’re being too conservative (small c) with your list of suggestions. We can’t just tweak this stuff about a little bit any more, we need to recognise some core realities and work with them. So I keep ranting about the basic income instead of tweaks to benefit requirements and so on.

  4. Nice post, well written. I don’t agree with very much of it, but I do like it.

    I would suggest, if you want to be an MP, that you think about joining the Labour Party or the Lib Dems, because your policy wish list is similar to theirs in most respects.

    I don’t share your bleak view of local politics, or local politicians, though I know it’s currently very popular to despise them and the system they work within.

    I personally believe that almost all of our problems are the result of previous policies, implemented by well-intentioned, honourable people. The problem is that they rarely identify the real problem they are trying to solve, and they rarely consider the wider ramifications of the solutions they propose. So we have layer upon layer of band aid policies and nobody ever treating the problem. Or even properly identifying it. But que sera sers, that’s the way of the world and we’ll have to make the best fist of it we all can.

    • Queen Boudica

      Hi Steve
      Thanks for your comment, I’m sorry the reply has been such a long time coming. It’s been a very busy time recently. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, I enjoy yours very much.
      I think my grandmother would haunt me if I joined either the Labour Party or the Lib Dems, she brought up her entire family to be card carrying Conservatives. My Dad had me out campaigning from a very young age. But that’s not to say I agree entirely with all their policies, I reserve the right at all times to look to my conscience! All parties seem to have some good policies between them, it would be nice if you could cherry pick the best ideas from across the board but life isn’t like that.

      Having spent a lot of time recently contemplating politics in general, national and local and how they fit in with family life, I’ve come to the conclusion that my attentions could be best served by looking locally. Local politics rarely stick in people’s minds and don’t seem to attract much interest, but decisions that affect everyone are made locally.
      So it’s for this reason I have a selection interview with the South West Norfolk Conservatives tomorrow. Wisbech might be my nearest town, but the county line says I live on the Norfolk side, even if it’s only by 50 yards. I suspect they won’t like me. I’m not their typical candidate, but I’m probably what they need. Change must come everywhere, if it doesn’t, the likes of UKIP will rise further and that’s a very scary prospect indeed.

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