Does my bum look big in this?

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“Yes Mummy. Your bum looks big because it is big”

Thanks for that son. Good job you already had your birthday. Maybe I’ll return the new jeans then?

All joking aside, it’s not just my wardrobe that has been having an update this week. It’s taken about 3 days working out the bugs and getting it sorted, but what do you think of our new look?

If you find any issues while navigating around, please let me know as I haven’t personally checked every page!

I’ve not sorted out any photo’s of the Iceni kingdom for the slider yet, so please feel free to enjoy to the photo’s I have put up of Alaska and The Yukon. The images are mine and were taken 15 years ago! Where does the time go exactly?!

I travelled for 6 weeks around Alaska and The Yukon, bumbling around meeting amazing people, viewing amazing landscapes and taking slightly less amazing photographs. I saw the Northern Lights several times while I was there, the best display I saw was while I had stopped in a lay-by on the Alaska Highway, along the edge of the Kluane National Park. I stopped in the lay-by as I found myself watching the Northern Lights rather than the road! It was an amazing experience, the lights were fantastic that night, with a full range of colours. It was stood on that dark, lonely, isolated bit of road that I realised that it is indeed true, you can actually hear them too.

While I was there, I met a man who had also stopped in the lay-by to watch and take photo’s. I took photo’s but was so awestruck by what I was watching that I did a truly terrible job and not one of them came out!

In the middle of nowhere, 2 strangers from 2 different countries admired one of the universes beautiful light shows. He was also travelling round Alaska taking photographs and I spent quite a while admiring his pictures on his laptop before we went our separate ways. We kept in touch for a few years but lost touch a long time ago. Some people don’t stay in your life very long, but they still leave an imprint, an impression that stays with you. Wherever you are in the world now Paul, I hope you’re doing ok.

Part of the reason this is in my mind now, is due to the amazing Aurora pictures taken this week in our area. It’s not often the Aurora Borealis is seen so far South and especially not so vibrant. Seeing them is something special and some day, I hope to take Mr Boudica and the Baby Boudica’s away somewhere so they can see them too. I’m not sure seeing them from our own back garden would be quite the same somehow.

What’s your big “must see” place or thing?

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