Boudica takes the H2Only challenge!

I’m a long time supporter of the RNLI.   Ever since I was a little girl and toured a life boat station, those bright orange boats and their brave crews have held a certain fascination for me.

As a lapsed water sports and sailing enthusiast, I know how critically important those lifeboats and crews are.  According to their website (as I’ve just gone looking for figures), they rescue 22 people a day.  These are real life superheroes.

The RNLI don’t just rescue people off stricken fishing vessels and such like, they patrol beaches providing valuable life guard cover, they provide safety advice, they provide flood rescue services as well providing 24 hour lifeboat cover on both inland waterways and at sea around our coast.  But the best thing about them, is that they’re all volunteers.  They don’t get huge salaries for what they do, the government don’t provide all their equipment.  They do it for the love of it and everything is provided by the fundraising efforts of people around the country.  Like me.

Three years ago, I abseiled down a lighthouse for the RNLI. Which for a person who seriously doesn’t like heights, was something huge.  It was great, climbing over the rail at the top of a lighthouse was incredibly scary but exhilarating at the same time. I hope to repeat the experience some day.

This time, I’ve signed up to do the H2Only Challenge.  For two weeks, from 27th May – 10th June, I will drink nothing but water to raise money for those who save lives on the water.  Cool idea eh?

Yes, you read that right. Drink only water for 2 whole weeks. I’m not sure if it’s inspired or insane!

2 weeks
14 days
336 hours
20,160 minutes

Whichever way you look at it, it’s going to be tricky.

But probably not as tricky as going out in a small orange boat in the middle of a storm, to rescue someone you’ve never met.  But hey ho, we all play our part.

So just to recap – there will no drinking of tea, coke, lemonade, wine or cider for a whole fortnight.

Arghhhhhhhh no cider for a fortnight……….get a grip woman…….

Yes, as I said.  No cider for a fortnight.  Huge lighthouse – no problem. No cider?  Sorry, have you met my kids?!

So there we have it. I drink lots and lots of water and you’re supposed to sponsor me in this madness fundraising endeavour.

It costs a lot of money to kit out one single lifeboat crew member. I’d really like to be able to say I raised enough to buy a complete kit, but that’s a lot of money.  So I’d settle for some gloves (£10),  some boots (£42) and maybe a thermal undersuit (£200).  But then a lifejacket might be nice (£350) or maybe a waterproof jacket (£290) and some waterproof trousers (£210).  (Figures from RNLI website)

We could raise enough to buy an RNLI crew member their very own superhero outfit.  Now that would be very cool indeed :)  Especially if it happened to be for a nice, tall dark and handsome crew member eh?  And if we could go and admire the outfit for a while?!  And the boat, yes. Obviously.  (Sorry, getting distracted…)

So, please, if you can, sponsor me.  It’s going to be a tough fortnight and I’ll post updates every day on my progress. I’ll even say thank you and everything! ;)

You’ll find a link to my Just Giving page over there somewhere on the right ->

I’ll put it here as well: Sponsor Queen Boudica Please!

Pretty please with bells on….

I promise I won’t lop off your head very soon………

Donations of cider for after the event will be very gratefully received………

Thank you very kindly…..


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