So Norfolk County Council have agreed to begin the process for Statutory Assessment of both of the Baby Boudica’s Special Educational Needs.

Yay. We should be celebrating right?

You’d think.

Well we did, when the letters arrived, for all of about 5 minutes. Until you realise that even by agreeing to begin the process, that it’s all completely meaningless.  A small hollow victory in a long line of previous and upcoming battles.

They will do their assessments and make some recommendations, admitting that there are needs, but even then, even then, you might not get the mythical “statement”. Because apparently, according to the Ed Psych I had an interesting meeting with today, when they bring in the new Education, Health and Care Plans in September, when they change all the statements over to those, they will cancel all the statements but only the most severe cases will get an EHC. For everyone else, there will just be recommendations for schools to follow.

So that’s assuming that the school are co-operative and willing to follow those recommendations. So what happens if they’re not? If they keep messing up? If they keep shoving your child between pillar and post? What if the whole reason you applied for the statement in the first place, was because the school had proved time and time again that they couldn’t be trusted?

Then what?

So we’ll have another meeting, another battle, followed by more meetings and more battles. And they’ll talk about budgets and clusters and needs and if you’re really lucky they’ll talk about balancing the needs of others. And while you’re attending meeting after meeting until your head spins and you start to question your own sanity, while all that is going on, your child’s education will be slipping away.

Why is there so much talking and squirming out of providing support. Why can’t they just DO something for a change. Council’s don’t empty half a street’s bins because they ran out of budget and they have to balance the needs of everyone. It needs doing, so it’s just done. Why can’t SEN be like that?

Why is SEN top of the pile for budget cuts? Why is it so damn complicated that not even the people working within the system actually understand it? Why do we all have to have these battles time and time again? Really, is providing support and education for children with additional needs so difficult?  Why can’t people just do their job properly? Why do some schools welcome SEN students with open arms and bend over backwards to help, support and understand them, yet others make it obvious they are not a welcome addition to their school? How is that even allowed? Let alone accepted?

Why does it have to be this way? Who is going to stand up and say “This is NOT RIGHT”?

Me. I’m going to do it.

Tonight, I may be slightly drunk and I may be licking my wounds, wondering what the hell I’m going to be doing about the advice I received today, but tomorrow is another day. And the day after that is a blank page. It may take me years but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and allow other families to go through this, to feel like this.

Things have to change. They just have to.


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  1. I know that you wont give up on this. Good! This is something that people need and I hope that your voice will be heard soon! #mbpw

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks Merlinda. It may take a while but children are worth fighting for x

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