It seemed like a good idea at the time

2 days to go.  <don’t panic>

My last 2 days of being able to drink such things as cider, green tea, diet coke, lemonade, pimms, wine, coffee…..

Naturally I’ve been doing some serious preparation for my H2Only Challenge, by trying out several new ranges of cider. I can report that the dark berry variety of Strongbow is actually really rather lovely :)

So what is the H2Only challenge all about?  I last wrote about it here.  Basically, for 2 weeks myself and lots of other people around the country, will be drinking nothing but water for 2 whole weeks to raise money for those who save lives on the water.

When I signed up several weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea at the time. However now that we’re a matter of hours away from the event, I have to say RNLI, there is one crucial flaw in your plan –

It’s half term! :(

So for one of those weeks, I’ll trapped at home with the Baby Boudica’s, the weather forecast is looking grim and I’m not even going to be allowed a cider in the evenings!  Even friends suggest meeting up with the kids with the words “we could sit and have a coffee, or at least I will, you can have water I suppose”!

So if I’m a gibbering wreck (more so that usual, obviously) over the next week, please blame the RNLI! Next year, can we avoid school holidays please chaps?

If it rains too much over the next week, I’ll probably be needing the RNLI flood rescue team to call round and check on us anyway when our soakaway stops working.  (Bit of a sore point!)

While they’re here, I could measure them up for the new equipment they’re going to get with all the money you’re going to give to sponsor me. I wouldn’t mind, it would be no trouble, honestly…. ;)

You are going to sponsor me aren’t you? <narrows eyes and peers at readers very intently>

Currently, Team Boudica is at 25% of target, which is pitiful peoples. At this rate, I’ll be needing to sponsor myself. (Can I have a cider if I do that?)

Last year during the H2Only fortnight, the RNLI rescued 674 people at sea! Figures like that are quite humbling really. If everyone who reads this blog was to donate just one single pound, we’d raise more than the Team Boudica target several times over.  It would enable the RNLI to continue all the sterling work that they do around our coasts, on our inland waterways and in areas of flooding. Living in the fens we are constantly aware of the risks of flooding and I know that if the worst were to happen, the RNLI would be here for us. So we’ll call it “insurance” if you like!

I’m also going to be taking my first proper sailing lesson during the H2Only Challenge fortnight. I wanted to start sailing last year but with being ill and hurting my back again I had to postpone it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been out on the water and I’ve only been on inland waterways, so taking lessons with Norfolketc is going to be a little bit scary.  Hopefully we won’t be needing the services of RNLI but I will certainly be taking my little H2Only water bottle with me :)

So please, even £1 would make a difference. It would get Team Boudica one step closer to our target and one step closer to providing some nice shiny new kit for an RNLI crew member.

Really, I’ve got a tape measure and everything, I don’t mind measuring up……

Please give generously. It is half term you know. Mums need cider!  It’s a noble, selfless thing we’re doing here!

Boudica’s Just Giving Page

Thanks in advance



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