Blowing the cobwebs away….

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Did you think I’d abandoned you?

<blows the cobwebs away with a slightly distasteful look>

You know you’ve not been around in a while when there are over 900 items in your spam queue! Ooops.

So what’s new and exciting in the Boudica household?

WAY too much to tell you in just one post that’s for sure!

We’ve had 2 holidays, the baby Boudica’s have started at a fabulous new school, Boudica has also put on WAY too much weight! It seems a summer of travelling didn’t agree with my waistline!

The mental post storage bank in my mind is overloaded, there are posts queuing up and demanding to be written. There are laughs, tears, embarrassing photo’s and a few rants, all kicking and screaming wanting to be released!

So check back soon


The Boudica is back :)

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