Glowing pumpkins, scary skeletons and moonlit walks to the toilet

So did we survive the half term onslaught relatively unscathed?

I think so. I’m not a complete gibbering wreck and can still string a sentence of relatively coherent words together if needs be, so we should be well on track for “dump the little dears back in class day” today. Yay ;)

The Baby Boudica’s have been stupid excited about Halloween this year and made repeated demands to go Trick or treating. Or begging as we like to call it. :)

All requests fell on deaf ears and we had the perfect excuse this year – you can hardly go round scary people on a campsite can you?! Erm……

The whole Halloween thing normally drives me mad, the whole naff tat commercialisation is well…..<shudders>…..I can’t even think of a word awful enough.

Samhain is a special time of year, it is when we remember our ancestors and those who have gone before. Where we mark the end of the year and look forward to the beginning of a new one. It has absolutely nothing to do with plastic spiders and zombie outfits. But having young children, we are forced into the whole spirit of it. <ha>

So we drove into the campsite listening to the Theme from Ghostbusters very loudly in the car and bedecked our hired yurt in pumpkin fairy lights and flickering bat lanterns. Yes, yes, I know we have a tent but really, it’s so much more civilised turning up to find one already up with a proper bed inside it.


The boys love their camping and had been looking forward to going.

They love the freedom and the outdoors, if not the having to walk so far to the toilet and the inability to charge electronic devices with flat batteries!  We woke up to the sounds of flocks of geese, walked a bit of the North Norfolk Coastal Path, visited some beaches and generally chilled out really.

We ate fish and chips on the quay at Wells and generally couldn’t believe the weather.

Baby Boudica's


Camping Pumpkins

One thing I never thought I’d be doing at a campsite though, is carving three pumpkins with the aid of a small vegetable knife and a sewing repair kit! The next time Baby Boudica the Younger demands a pumpkin with a skeleton carved into it, he can ****** well do it himself!

Trying to get two small children to sleep in a yurt at night, with the wind whistling outside right after carving pumpkins, running round in skeleton outfits scaring the neighbours, telling scary stories and talking about deceased ancestors was always going to be a little tricky though!


Boudica Skeletons


I’m not sure if it was the pumpkins, or the seriously scary children but we certainly didn’t have any unwelcome visitors during our stay.

The downside of it all, is that Baby Boudica the younger is now obsessed by skeletons and is demanding skeleton toys, skeleton cards and skeleton cakes for his birthday next week.

I’ve created a monster…..really quite literally.

Baby Boudica


One thing doing the whole Halloween at a campsite does for you – it improves your fitness!

You’d be surprised quite how quickly you can walk to the toilet and back in the dark and the quiet of a sleeping campsite, with only the sounds of the leaves rustling and an owl hooting in the distance!


Standing Watch
Standing Guard




24 Responses

  1. Loving the pumpkins, really good carving skills there! X

  2. The worst bit for me is that I keep seeing the ruddy plastic spiders out of the corner of my eye and thinking they are real, prompting a minor panic attack – time to dump them in the bin I think!

    • Queen Boudica

      Have you seen the pictures of the giant spider on the Forum building in Norwich. That would totally freak me out!

  3. You have done a fantastic job of the pumpkins, despite your lack of tools for the job! I feel uncomfortable with trick or treating too. I love the idea of staying in a yurt. They always look great!

    • Queen Boudica

      You must try staying in a yurt. It’s magical. There are lots of places with them around now. They’re surprisingly warm and comfortable really. We have spent christmas in a yurt twice now.

  4. OOh, I LOVE that final picture on your post! And great job on the pumpkins too!

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks. I wasn’t sure the picture would come out. I only took a waterproof compact with me and had to try lots of settings out to get it to take a decent one!

  5. Great post! Love the carved pumpkins what a fun thing to do on Halloween night, I bet the kids loved it :)

  6. Your pumpkins are amazing. I can’t believe that you used a veg knife and a sewing kit to carve them. Very clever.

  7. Lol, sounds like an exciting time was had! I’m not sure I’d even be brave enough to leg it to the loos!

  8. Wow your carving is amazing. I love your final picture, stunning x

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks. I didn’t know if it would come out properly as I’d only taken a waterproof compact camera with me.

  9. They look so cool , we did Olaf from frozen on ours .

  10. Looks like you had an amazingly spooky time!

  11. Wow, you’re brave! Not just for the ghouls, but for the cold….still, it sounds as though it was fun, and I’m VERY impressed by your pumpkins.

    • Queen Boudica

      Thanks. It wasn’t actually that cold thankfully. I still have sore hands from carving those pumpkins!

  12. Love the pumpkin carving, especially the bat one!

  13. Wow, those pumpkins are ace, what skills you have even with only camping kit. I have come to love Halloween now the kids do!

  14. I’ve not been Norfolk way but I hear good things. I hate the tat element of Halloween too and to some extent Christmas!
    Look like you made the most of the half term week :)

  15. Those pumpkins look amazing. Pleased you survived the camping trip :)

  16. Those pumpkins are amazing – I am useless at carving them so good work for carving them on a campsite

  17. gosh those pumpkins look amazing! i had enough of seeing “vomiting” pumpkins everywhere :)

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