Barber Shy Irishman saves the world again?


It’s OK folks, Saint Bob and friends are on the case.  Ebola doesn’t stand a chance, it will soon be a thing of the past, just like famine and poverty….

This week already, we’ve learnt that the global economy is on the rocks and that under the coalition, the poorest of our society have got even poorer while the richer have got even richer and food banks are seeing ever increasing numbers of visitors.

But what has been the main news headlines? The nom-dom Saint Bob and his multimillionaire tax avoiding friends telling us we all need to buy the latest incarnation of ‘Do They Know Its Christmas’. People who despite being extremely wealthy, pay very little tax into the system by exploiting quite legal tax loopholes. Once again maybe we need to discuss the vast difference between ‘legal’ and ‘morally right’.

So all you people paying your PAYE and filling in your self assessments, you don’t get to exploit tax loopholes. You see your hard earned cash disappear into the chancellors exchequer, never to be seen again.

All these people visiting the food banks as they can’t afford to feed their children. I wonder how they feel about being emotionally blackmailed into buying yet another charity single? If you can’t afford to eat, how are you coming up with the £4 to buy the CD?

Yes, yes, it’s easy to criticise when I haven’t raised millions for charity and I haven’t had a number one single. (God forbid)  However, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  All these rich, tax avoiding musicians telling us how to spend our money? Aren’t they good giving their time for free?

Hmmm you can afford to give up a Saturday afternoon for free when you’re a multimillionaire. Besides, money can’t buy that sort of publicity. What percentage of their personal wealth will they be donating to the fund I wonder?

Millions of people will buy this single, not because it’s very good (and to be fair, it’s not actually all that good) but because they don’t want to be seen to the heartless bastard who didn’t buy it.

Our local radio station (yes, KLFM I’m looking at you) have been playing it every bloody hour. I don’t seem to recall them holding a listener poll to deduce whether we wanted it rammed down our throats repeatedly all day. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this morning they told us that they’ll be doing it, “so we understand what it’s all about”.

So instead of being patronised, I switched to iPod for the day. I may keep it that way. :P

Seriously, can anyone have actually missed what ebola is doing in West Africa? Can anyone have failed to notice this global crisis? Did we really need Saint Bob and Friends to point it out to us with yet another rehash of a cheesy song?

I think the radio station are missing the point entirely, it’s them that don’t understand what it’s all about: – It’s one big publicity stunt and they can all claim they made it to be Christmas No 1 this year. Still, makes a change from another X-Factor offering I suppose.

Funny how the recording studio had banks of media outside eh? Funny how all day the top story on the radio station news bulletins were “Saint Bob and friends sell some more songs”. Was that really the single most important news story of the day?

Money can’t buy that sort of publicity. They want to be part of something big that’s getting a lot of coverage. Some of them will have grown up listening to Saint Bob on a previous grail quest and they want to be a part of it. They gave up their time for free don’t you know? They’re saving the world.

Nope. Sorry.

Maybe if they paid full taxes, the governments that Saint Bob spent much of the day criticising, would have more money to devote to other things. Like International Aid. Or the NHS. Or schools.

Yes, they need money in West Africa. But it’s the medical staff; the doctors and nurses, the volunteers and the soldiers that will save the world. The ones who don’t use tax havens, who don’t have millions in the bank, the ones who do it for the love of it, because they genuinely, really care and have devoted their lives to it.

The ones who don’t have to do everything in front of the world’s media to feel good about themselves.




PS: A donation to the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal has been made by the Boudica family. If you agree with this post, even just a little bit, please feel free to follow the link and make a donation if you can. :)


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  1. Can you believe that I haven’t even heard it yet?! I’ve somehow managed to avoid all the pressure surrounding it. Well done on donating to a charity of your choice rather than being forced to go and buy something you don’t want x

  2. I never listen to music radio as it is filled with total dross! I get what you are saying but equally it will raise a lot of money and quickly so I guess while it certainly gets faces on front covers it is also doing some good. As for people avoiding their taxes – it makes me utterly sick, how much bloody money do you need?! Some Squirrels like to keep all the nuts, well I would like to kick them in them….As you rightly say, its all very well being ready to give up your saturday afternoon for a good cause, but why not pay your dues – taxes help all of us, including those whose hard earned pennies got them that rich and famous in the first place!

  3. I’m afraid I tend to steer clear of the politics behind things, far too stressy for me! I think hats off to anyone who’d doing anything to help however big or small that might be.
    I do find the idea of those having millions just sitting on it. If I won millions on the lottery I’d just have to put it to good use somehow.

  4. Some very very good points x

  5. Firstly, if you are the Warrior Queen, I must be the Princess! Sorry, I had to get that in! Joking aside, what a great post. You have said it so well what so many of us are thinking. Will very much look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  6. How have I missed all this……….I know about Ebola obviously but have completely missed the whole song thing. Good points raised. x

  7. I am totally with you on this one. It is almost that Ebola will be wiped out as they have donated their time. Well you know what donate , give from their own pockets so the poor people do not have too. We donated independently.

  8. I am inclined to agree with you, but then the media is so terrible at consistently focussing on ongoing crises that any publicity is good publicity? Shame no one has done Band Aid for Syria…. it’s just old news :(

  9. I couldn’t agree more! As always it’s us that have to actually pay our taxes whilst those who could actually afford to pay them don’t. And I think it’s disgusting using something so terrible for publicity… why not just make the donation quietly or set up the charity single WITHOUT having your face everywhere? Argh!

  10. Fantastic post, it hits the nail squarely on the head. If everyone paid up what was owed, the world would be a much better place.

  11. You know I didn’t like how it suddenly reared it’s ugly (and it does sound awful) head when the Children in Need song came out. I know that is probably the same thing in terms of your post but at least it sounds good (the singing that is).

  12. I’ve never bought any version of this song, I won’t be buying this one and I don’t feel at all guilty about it! When I can afford it, I donate to the charities that are important to me.
    I agree about the taxes. It’s disgusting the way people can get out of paying. I’d like to think that if I were rich like them, I’d want to pay my fair share into the system.

  13. Interesting take on this. I’d not heard of this either but there’s probably something similar going on here.

  14. I am not buying it – the governement have already sent troops over plus £20million of our tax money, which (IMHO) would be better spent on our NHS!

  15. It’s easier to focus on a crisis like this… it is everywhere despite the fact that we all know about it…
    It’s a tactic to make you “forget” other things which go around… we are heading for a giant financial crisis and no one is talking about that problem!

  16. Tax avoidance makes me sick. But anything to make a difference has got to be a good thing in my opinion. There are lots of causes out there that need help.

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