The day the Air Ambulance landed in the garden

Well it’s not something that happens every day is it?


The Baby Boudica’s have still not forgiven me for not taking a picture of it. But then on coming home and discovering an Air Ambulance on the back lawn, grabbing the camera only passed through my head as a fleeting idea before I got distracted by the wreckage and remains of the car that was occupying part of our front garden.

We came home from school to find the road all blocked off by Police. There had been a serious accident and they weren’t all that keen on letting us through. I knew it was right outside our house immediately from the expression on the Police Officers face when I told him which house we were trying to get to. The simple “oh” was enough.

I left the boys in the car and walked down to find wreckage, police and paramedics everywhere. As I opened our front door, out of the kitchen window I could see the bright orange tail of the Magpas Air Ambulance on our back lawn! I know we chose this house when we moved partly because it had a large garden, but having the ability to park a helicopter on it wasn’t originally a consideration!

My car had to driven home by a Police Officer as it was nigh on impossible to get into our drive avoiding the wreckage. Which is a bit of a sore point as when Mr Boudica came home from work, they wouldn’t drive him, they made made him park and walk!

Anyway, to two small boys being driven home by a Policeman and having a helicopter on your lawn is just about the most exciting thing to happen in the world. Ever.

Even if they didn’t get to see the helicopter on the lawn themselves and only saw it take off.

Anyway, the Police did their investigations and their clean up operation for hours, outside in the cold and dark and eventually the road was reopened after 6 hours. We are quite nice round here and did ply them with tea and biscuits regularly but it’s not a job I would want.

It turns out the accident happened about 5 minutes after I left for school. A car left the road and hit a tree opposite, it’s engine and radiator carried on another 30 feet to land on the doorstep of the house opposite, where I had been stood those 5 minutes earlier chatting to my neighbour.  The rest of the car careered over the road to hit our wall and landed half on our neighbours garden and half on ours. The driver was shipped off to hospital with severe head and internal injuries. The whole road and everyone’s drives were absolutely covered in wreckage.

But that’s not the end of it is it?

The Police had to stand outside and clear it up, my kids are now afraid to go out the front of their house in case someone else crashes, they’re worried about having an accident when they’re in the car and if I’m really honest, I’m a little creeped out by the whole helicopter on the lawn thing. Alright, not by the helicopter itself but by the fact people have been walking through my garden when I wasn’t there. I suspect the dog took loud exception to that too!

The tree might have to come down as it’s been weakened and there are tyre marks outside to remind us about it every day.

But we’re the lucky ones, we weren’t hurt. Just slightly inconvenienced.

I don’t know the condition of the driver, we haven’t been told but what I do know, is that there was a little pink car seat in the back of that car. So somewhere out there is a little girl who’s Daddy had a car accident and is in a bad way. Maybe he survived, maybe he didn’t, maybe he’ll have to live with some awful injuries for the rest of his life. Either way, he’s her Daddy and one of the most important people in her world. For her sake alone, regardless of whose fault it was, I hope he’s going to be ok.

And the one, single thing that caused the whole thing?


So for heaven’s sake people, when you’re rushing around and don’t want to be late, when you’re testing out your high powered car because you think you can handle it.

Just think for a second and slow it down.

Because the fallout from when it all goes horribly wrong can be felt for a lot longer than the time it takes to reopen the road.





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  1. Wow, that was one close shave and I am glad that the helicopter wasn’t there for one of you. I am thankful that we have such things as helicopters to save people.

    I often wish that people would set off 5 minutes earlier and stop speeding.

  2. How sad, I hate hearing about or seeing crashes. I hope the driver is okay.

  3. My goodness what a huge accident it sounds! My partner is a paramedic and I have heard such sad stories from drivers that speed, it’s just not worth risking your life for!

  4. Oh no! Sounds terrible, I completely agree with you on speeding – it’s something all of us are guilty of to a certain extent. I was involved in a car accident when I was 17 my car was hit by someone doing 54mph in a 30mph zone; I’m lucky I walked away with a few broken bones and nothing else x

  5. Thank goodness you and your children weren’t hurt, you can’t help but think of the what ifs can you.

  6. What a terrible shock for you (despite the excitement of the air ambulance) and a timely reminder of the dangers of speeding. I hope the driver is ok and thank the heavens that he wasn’t 5 minutes sooner. xx

  7. Wow this is so scary, I hop the guy is ok in the end xxx

  8. Hannah Staveley

    Oh my word must of been so frightening gosh what a lot to take on board.

  9. Oh gosh, that’s horrible. What a shock. A good message to get home but wish it could be in a different way :(

  10. Oh gosh, am not surprised you are all left feeling a little shaken. We had similar one morning, waking up to find a car upturned on our front garden – no driver in sight. Turns out they walked home – they turned up that morning at the same time as the police. Have a feeling they may have been drinking hence taken no action at the time….

    • Queen Boudica

      Rumour has it there was drink involved, there were 2 cars racing each other. One drove off after the crash and then reappeared minutes later having had a change of driver before the Police arrived!

  11. I wish people would realise that speed restrictions are there for a reason x

  12. What a shocking thing to happen so close to home. I really hope that the driver is ok. I’m glad that you and your family are ok. I can understand all of you worrying about going into the garden now though.x

  13. oh my goodness! i would be scared…too…can you imagine how close and far we are from some things in our life…

  14. How terrifying and oddly exciting at the same time – we were in a local park when we saw the air ambulance circle and then land in the field next to us – the kids were fascinated!

  15. Goodness me! Must have been quite an experience. Glad all of you were okay.

  16. Oh my goodness! I had a car crash into my front door before but no helicopter was required. They didn’t out the handbrake on and it rolled down the hill into my home – just as we were going out too.

    Fingers crossed they did make it. Certainly a lesson to be learnt here

  17. wow what an event , i bet it was one that wont be forgotton about but how scary , the thoughts that go through your head of what ifs i bet constantly x

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