At a crossroads

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See! I’m not dead! Yet, anyway.

I’ve deliberately been a bit quiet, while I try to figure out which way the future is going. The problem is, I’ve spent all this time trying to work it out, and it’s still as clear as mud.

In news – it’s finally the school holidays and the Baby Boudica’s have completed their first year in their new school. We’ve had ups and downs, (who doesn’t?) but generally there have been far more ups than downs. I can’t ask for more than that. They love their school, I love being a Governor and am proud to support such a forward thinking & amazing school. The staff are all great at what they do and deserve far more recognition than they get.

Baby Boudica The Elder has come up (I think) 7 reading levels in the year and is now reading for pleasure. He’s even reading his brother bedtime stories. He received the Head Teachers Award at the end of the year, for recognition of how far he’s come. I cried. Oh the shame of it!  Sadly, his amazing teacher left at the end of term, but he’s moved into another class with another amazing teacher, so hopefully his progress will continue. Baby Boudica The Younger has gone from being my sweet loveable rogue, and turned into a stroppy git with a dangerous opinion of his own. My Mum says it must be genetic!

Being a Councillor is an amazing, rewarding yet far tougher job than I thought it would be. We’ve received lots of training, everyone has been very welcoming and I’ve made new friends. Who hopefully won’t leg it the moment they realise what I crazy bitch I am! ;)

But therein lies the problem. This has always been a “secret” blog. Only my close friends, family & other bloggers knew my real name and who I was. And I kind of like it that way. But is it really appropriate for a councillor to have a private ranting forum? What exactly would happen if anyone from the council actually read it? (Maybe they already do? Truly scary thought!)

I’m in the process of setting up another blog, it actually has my real name on it & everything! But I’ve grown attached to QB. She lets me say what I like without worrying what people think. Or how much trouble I’ll get into for not being politically correct!

I feel I’m changing as a person and it’s a really scary time. I don’t know which way to go, which is an unusual concept for me. The gobby bitch is a bit unsure and she doesn’t like it. Being a councillor has brought me more confidence, and yet somehow less also.

I’ve signed up to do a huge event in a couple of years and it’s going to be well promoted. But it will be in my own name. So do I mention it here & risk anyone putting 2&2 together? I really, really want to tell you. It’s HUGE, especially for me.

I am crazy woman, hear me roar!

So what to do?

Maybe I’ll just sit at the crossroads for a while and have another cider?

Back soon. I promise




PS: I nearly forgot. Weight Loss is now v. nearly 2.5 stone!

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  1. It sounds as though you are enjoying being a Councillor and at the end of the day no one will expect you to be perfect x

  2. I don’t write half the things I would like to on my blog because I know my husband and father read it! It’s very hard staying anonymous these days.

  3. Hannah Wood (staveley)

    Wow a Councillor could not do that hats off to you .x

  4. I’d love to be a councillor, it must be very rewarding. :)

  5. Sounds like you are definitely going through a transitional period in your life, I hope it all goes well for you :)

  6. I am not sure I would like to be a councillor, I feel very sorry for ours as he gets moaned at all the time. Well done on the weight loss too x

  7. I work in a school and I have blogged once about an issue I was having with the principal. It was a bit risque and I wouldn’t do it again. I would say, check the school policies and keep yourself out of trouble legally before you write anything on the blog. Especially since you seem to love helping there!xx

  8. I think that it would make your position very difficult as a councillor if people realised you had an anonymous blog

  9. Oh dear ive heard more bad than good things about ppl blogging with professions like this and some people tend to try to keep them seperate but when its hard not to it tends to turn pretty bad , hopefully all will be ok for you

  10. I am a School Governor too, I don’t often meet another one in the blogging world! Great to hear how well your little ones are doing, I would have cried too! :-)

  11. Great to hear that things are going well at school for your children. As for the blog, I’d say that you have to make a decision that you’re most comfortable with. Sorry, I know that’s not massively helpful, but it does sound like you’re ready to be ‘outed’. You could always download all of your QB posts so that you have a personal record of them.

  12. Massive well dont on the weight loss! .. as for the blogs why not have both … no one on the other blog needs to know if you over here too?

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